DCP 6: Richard Harrington and Robbie Carman - From Still to Motion

Episode 6 features Richard Harrington and Robbie Carman, who are two of four of the co-authors of the new book from Peachpit: From Still to Motion.

According to Peachpit: "With the addition of high definition video capabilities to the latest batch of DSLR cameras, photographers have a convenient and familiar tool to fully embrace the new world of video. But video is very different than photography, with new challenges and technology to master.  Here to guide them on all aspects of video—from preproduction to post—are four veterans of film, video, and photography.  Not only do the authors create video projects seen around the world, they speak the language of photography fluently and will ease the reader’s transition from still to motion. Within the book, readers will learn how to plan their shoots, what gear they'll need, how to properly light for motion, how to achieve professional-level audio, the specifics on color-correction and editing footage, various options for output, and artistic techniques such as stop-motion and time-lapse photography."

In this episode, Rich Harrington and Robbie Carman talk about what to expect from their new book. Taking a platform agnostic approach and covering a wide range of budgets, they discuss a broad range of topics including unexpected lessons learned, do-it-yourself lighting, camera support and motion, post-production and color grading, sound, stop-motion and time-lapse and a wealth of other topics. I hated to cut short this conversation - it's our longest episode yet. But it's well worth hearing.

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