DCP 58: Should the Canon 7D Be Banned From Student Film Competitions?

The Digital Convergence Podcast crew - Chris Fenwick, planetMitch, and Carl Olson talk with special guest Charley Voorhis of Voortex Productions. Charley is also a video production instructor for Wanatchee Valley Tech. His passion for the art of filmmaking shines through in his videos, and that passion carries over to his students at Wanatchee Valley Tech.

Last year Charley's students placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place at the regional Skills USA film contest. The students did so well, that it prompted a controversy: should the Canon 7D camera be banned from use by students who enter the contest? Does shooting with a Canon 7D give students an unfair advantage over other students using older video equipment? Should the equipment used matter? What does this say about the art of filmmaking - is it the camera or the person that makes the art? It's an interesting discussion!

planetMitch brings us up to date on the latest pricing and pre-order information about the Canon C300 and the new Canon Cinema series T-stop lenses. We learn what the difference is between T stops and F stops and why it matters to high-end video production. We're surprised by Charley's low-tech approach to motion timelapse. You are not going to believe how he does this!

Many thanks to Charley Voorhis for joining us today on the Digital Convergence podcast.

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