DCP 56: Should You Buy A Canon C300?

Chris Fenwick and Mitch Aunger (aka planetMitch of planet5D.com) join me in another episode of the Digital Convergence Podcast. In episode #56, we ponder the question - should freelance videographers dump their HDSLR camera and buy a Canon C300 or other high-end camera? When does it make sense to buy a high-end pro camera? Is there still a place for HDSLR's in the filmmaker's kit? There is a lot to like about the Canon C300. However, at a rumored starting price of roughly $16,000, is this a camera a freelancer should go in debt for? Rounding out the discussion, planetMitch shares tantalizing tidbits of what lies ahead for new HDSLR's including the long-rumored Canon 5D Mark III and the Nikon D8000.

We would like to hear what you think: Should you buy a Canon C300? Do HDSLR cameras still have a role in your business? We'll share your thoughts in a future episode of the podcast.

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