DCP 51: Good Sounds

Last Wednesday evening I attended the Atlanta Cutters meeting at Georgia Public Broadcasting in Atlanta. There I had the opportunity to meet and listen to Patrick Belden - sound designer and composer for Alton Brown's Good Eats. Patrick did a fascinating presentation about his sound design work on Good Eats using Avid's ProTools.

Patrick Belden's presentation got me thinking about recording live sound, sound design, and sound processing. What can I do to improve my videos' sound? Just how can I get that "Hollywood" sound? How should I get organized for handling audio? What workflow should I follow? I put these questions to Chris Fenwick. A lively discussion ensues about all things audio.

Audio in video production is such a huge topic - covering field recording, studio recording, sound design, foley, music and scoring, microphones, monitoring equipment, mixing, audio processing and more. Obviously we only begin to scratch the surface of audio in this episode of Digital Convergence.

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