DCP 50: With Paul Antico, Mitch Aunger, Chris Fenwick and Carl Olson

The Digital Convergence podcast premiered in January of 2010 with planet5d.com's Mitch Aunger (a.k.a @planetMitch) as the very first guest. Now he joins me again on episode number 50. It's a milestone episode for me. For a while there I didn't think I would be able to continue the podcast. But after a brief hiatus and a few false restarts, I'm pleased that the podcast is now going strong. Chris Fenwick, who has been a frequent cohost and supporter of the podcast, joins the conversation.

I have a very special guest joining the 50th episode: Paul Antico, filmmaker and blogger, and otherwise known in the Twitter-verse as @IAmNeedCreative. I've been wanting to have Paul on the podcast for a while and so episode 50 seemed the right time for featuring such a distinguished guest. His commentary on his blog on filmaking at NeedCreative.net - or "visualmaking" as he puts it - has been inspired reading for me for some time.

We talk about the 10.0.1 update of FCP X, Adobe's acquisition of IRIDAS, new gear coming out for Thunderbolt, Canon's mysterious November 3rd event in Hollywood, and more. Paul Antico talks about his experience with the Sony NEX FS100 video camcorder. We go into a discussion of the difficulties of doing personal projects and balancing doing something that is "good enough" versus "perfect." One thing I appreciate about Paul's comments in this episode is his candor about his experience producing the documentary Visualmakers. Paul planned to release Visualmakers this past summer, but his plans did not come to fruition. Paul tells us where things stand with this project, what went wrong, what went right, and how he plans to move forward with it.

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