DCP 5: Michael James - HDRI Photography and Video Trailblazer

Michael James is a very talented visual artist and photographer who has pioneered the use of HDRI (High Dynamic Range Imaging) to create stunning architectural and real estate photography for his clients.

Michael talks about how he developed his unique workflow in producing HDR images at a time when there was very little information available about the process. He talks about his fascinating work with time-lapse HDR video. He shares a wealth of tips and ideas photographers and filmmakers will be salivating to use. He shares his thoughts on the future of HDR filmmaking and our conversation wanders over to the potential of the Red Scarlet and Epic for HDR video. Michael use a wide range of equipment (including Canon, Nikon, and Sigma) and software. I really enjoyed talking to Michael. He truly is the Hitchhiker's Guide to HDRI.

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