DCP 49: A Faster Way To Edit - With Chris Fenwick, Dave Dugdale, and Carl Olson

Dave Dugdale of LearningDSLRVideo.com joins in the Digital Convergence conversation with Chris Fenwick and myself in Episode number 49. Dave Dugdale does an amazing job with his LearningDSLRVideo website. With over 100 videos to date, he takes us along his journey to better understand shooting and editing DSLR video.

In this Digital Convergence episode, Dave and I probe Chris' brain for tips on improving our editing workflow. How should we organize our project templates? Is there a better to slog through hours and hours of B-roll and footage? How may we speed up the editing process?

Of course, we take a few interesting side trips along the way. Dave Dugdale talks about his latest video project that he undertook and he tells us about specific things he set out to learn. We talk a bit about the value of deliberate practice in honing our skills behind the camera and in post production. Adobe's Premiere Pro recent spike in market share on the Mac comes up in our conversation. Dave, who is not a Mac user, tells us how he came to use Premiere Pro on the Windows platform.

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