DCP 43: 4SP Films - Alex Beckstead and Joelle Jaffe

This morning Chris Fenwick and I joined forces again to resurrect the Digital Convergence podcast after a hiatus of over 6 months. When I put the podcast on hold, I had intended to eventually return with a video-only show: Digital Film TV. Many of our original listeners emailed me, begging me, to return to an audio-only podcast. I hear you! It's dangerous to watch TV while driving - so audio-only it is! :) I'll continue to produce segments of Digital Film TV. However, the main podcast will be Digital Convergence. It will continue on the original iTunes feed for the show and I will also continue to make MP3 versions of the show available. I apologize for the hiccups along the way - you have to understand that Chris and I do not get paid for doing this show. Yet :)

Chris and I have lot's to talk about in upcoming episodes. Today is just a warm-up. We've both been "guilty busy" in what has been to many a down economy. There's much more to come. For now, our plans are to release a show every other week. We'll talk art, gear, production, and business and hope you'll join the conversation.

In fact, I encourage you to leave comments and discuss the show in each blog post for that show. We want to know what you think. We want to know who you would like for us to talk to and what topics you would like for us to chat about. Also, please take the time to rate the show on iTunes. We want to make this the number one show for filmmakers and visual artists. We look forward to conversing with you.

For the interview portion of our show, I have the pleasure of talking with Alex Beckstead and Joelle Jaffe of 4SP Films. Their food book trailers make you salivate. I submit for evidence: Tartine Bread. Watching that film, I could smell the yeast of baking artisan bread, feel the texture of the crumb, and taste the complex texture and flavors of Chad Robertsons's amazing breads. The film is a trailer to the beautiful book of the same name.

The book Tartine Bread is available on Amazon.com (affiliate link).

Alex and Joelle talk about their experience as filmakers, the process they use to create their amazing films, and the art of visual story-telling. We take a step back from gear lust and talk about the art and craft of filmmaking.

A delightful couple to speak with and listen to. You can tell they love what they do.

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If you want to watch the recorded Skype video of the interview with Alex and Joelle, you may view it here: http://vimeo.com/23958240. The video quality is about what you expect with Skype - not much. This video does not include the chat Chris Fenwick and I have before and after the interview.

Links from the podcast:

4SP Films website: http://www.4spfilms.com/

4SP Films on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/4spfilms?sk=info