DCP 42: Victoria Taylor-Gore - Pastel Artist, Educator, Canon 7D Filmmaker

Victoria Taylor-Gore's pastels have been exhibited professionally for over 20 years with representation in premiere art galleries in Sante Fe and Taos, New Mexico. Her pastels have a luminous quality - ordinary scenes appear backlight with warm light emanating from an unseen light source. Victoria recently begin experimenting with a Canon 7D to produce short films featuring her art and antique miniatures. She has also ventured outside captuing such scenes as Cadillac Ranch along Route 66. Victoria says "the Canon 7D has changed my life - what a magical tool." Victoria continues: "Painting, filmmaking, and photography deal with the same essential design components... composition, light, color, emphasis...it's all part of visual storytelling."

In this episode, Chris and I are amazed by Victoria's visual story telling and the clever, experimental approach she takes to accomplish her vision. She clearly has an eye for visual story telling. In this episode Victoria delights us with her narative as to how she "paints as a director" and how film is affecting her pastels in new and exciting ways. You will be inspired by Victoria's new found passion for filmmaking with the Canon 7D.

A special thank you goes out to @planetMitch for bringing Victoria to our attention on his website planet5D.

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