DCP 41: Owen Masterson - Commercial Photographer and Filmmaker

Christine Anthony and Owen Masterson are the wife/husband filmmaker/ photography duo known as Anthony-Masterson.  They moved to Atlanta from Los Angeles 5 years ago because they wanted to experience a different part of the country.

Their first film FARM!, a 13 minute documentary about young farmers in Georgia, was shot on the Flip Ultra. In 2008 FARM! was an official selection of both the Rome International Film Festival and the Athens EcoFocus Film Festival. They have since picked up a Panasonic HPX170 P2.

In this episode of Digital Convergence, Owen Masterson speaks with me about his latest movie project, the documentary: GROW!. The movie is about about young, new organic farmers in Georgia.

Since 2005, as photographers and filmmakers, we've been documenting young, organic and sustainable farmers in Georgia. We’ve travelled all over the state, spending time on the farms getting to know the farmers and watching this burgeoning movement grow.

According to Owen and Christine:

"We're drawn to them because of their dignity, passion, intelligence, and dedication to growing clean fair food. We also believe that they hold the key to a more sustainable future and that they provide a solution to our broken food system.

Frankly it all started out because we like to eat...

When we moved to Atlanta from Los Angeles 5 years ago we had a hard time finding Farmers Markets where we could buy food fresh from the farms. Back then, there wasn't much demand for local food and not too many small organic and sustainable growers. We teamed up with Georgia Organics, a great farmer advocate organization, and started photographing farmers pro bono. We wanted to help make the farmers into rock stars and put a face on farming. After a couple of years we got involved with filmmaking.

So we decided to make this movie…

Our main hope for GROW! is to shine a light on this next generation of farmers and, by example encourage even more young people to consider farming as a viable career option. And although we are filming this in Georgia, we could be filming anywhere in the U.S. We need more farmers!

We chose 12 farms located throughout the state. The cast includes 21 farmers, each one unique as far as education, experience, opportunity and motivation. Most of them do not own the land they are farming on.

We began filming in April as the first crops were going into the ground. We will film through November as the growing season comes to a close. We will be editing over the winter and readying the film for the premier at the Georgia Organics Annual Conference in Savannah, GA in March 2011.

So far, GROW! has been self financed, with the help of a few friends and one generous family member. We bought the gear, the gas and everything else it has taken to make GROW! As we head into our last stretch of filming we are now asking the Kickstarter community for help in funding post-production costs. Post-production involves things we can’t do ourselves, otherwise we wouldn’t be asking for support. Post production expenses include color correction, sound mixing, music production and licensing fees. $10,000.00 is the minimum we will need to complete GROW! The more we raise, the sweeter the film will be."

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