DCP 37: Tara Oldfield and Jason DeRose of Novacut

In this episode, I talk with Tara Oldfield and Jason DeRose of Novacut. Jason and Tara are developing a free video editor that allows artists to collaborate over the internet and harness cheap cloud computing.

According to their website: "The Novacut editor is aimed at professional-grade TV and movie production using HDSLR cameras (like the 5D Mark II). These cameras have drastically lowered production costs, but we want to reduce costs even further... so they are taking the lean, distributed workflow perfected by the open-source community, and bringing it to video. Distributed teams are a big part of what has allowed open-source to amazingly produce better software, yet for less money and in less time. The Novacut team feels they can do the same for video. Tara and Jason want to see an explosion of financially viable independent TV shows distributed directly to fans over the Internet, funded through direct fan support, licensed under the Creative Commons."

Tara and Jason were a pleasure to talk with. And it was fun geeking out with Jason. I think I may have surprised him that I know what CouchDB is :). I'm impressed by Tara's and Jason's vision to create a free tool to help HDSLR videographers edit, collaborate, and distribute their content.

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