DCP 36: Michael Safai and Alaric Cole of Soviet Montage Productions

In this episode, Chris Fenwick and I have the pleasure of talking with Michael Safai and Alaric Cole of Soviet Montage Productions. A couple of weeks ago or so they created quite a stir when they released their HDR film clip. The clip included city scenes with traffic and a person. All in HDR. It was recorded with two Canon EOS 5D Mark II cameras, a beam splitter, a heavy duty tripod. The clips from the two cameras were combined and processed in post-production using proprietary techniques developed by Alaric and Michael.

This one minute 37 second film gives us a remarkable glimpse of the future of filmmaking. We talk with the Soviet Montage team about the state of the art of HDR technology and the aesthetic of HDR filmmaking.

From Soviet Montage Productions' website:

"Soviet Montage Productions is a small studio based in San Francisco. We’re currently focused on short films, utilizing DSLR video and high dynamic range imaging.

"Alaric Cole is an author, programmer, bicycle designer, and documentary filmmaker. Inspired by the stunning use of HDR in photography, he has been dreaming up ways to make it feasible for video.

"Michael Safai is a long time photographer and filmmaker with a keen eye for color and special effects. Realizing the potential of HDR for film, he had the patience to spend a year perfecting it.

"What’s in a name?

"The name “Soviet Montage” comes from the editing technique: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soviet_montage_theory.

"Essentially it became a way to allow viewers to “read between the lines” of edits. A poetry of cut-and-paste, if you will."

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