DCP 33: Trey Ratcliff - Visual Artist and HDR Photographer

We have a great episode lined up for you today. My co-host Chris Fenwick shares a great tip for handling B-roll in Final Cut Pro that will save you a boatload of time. He has a great screencast showing step-by-step this technique: How To Edit B-Roll Faster. Chris and I also talk about a great little stopmotion video that the children of Chris' friend Jeff Dykhouse put together using iStopMotion, a huge Lego collection, and a firewire controlled camcorder over the course of two months. An amazing accomplishment in an attention-deficit world (video embedded at the end of this post).

Today's episode features an interesting interview with Trey Ratcliff.

Trey does not need any introduction to visual artists - he is the Jedi Master of HDR photography and the prolific blogger and curator of his website Stuck In Customs.

In today's episode, Trey and I talk about a wide range of topics. For filmmakers, Trey discusses his interest in how the human brain responds to high speed video. He has conducted a number of interesting experiments using low cost point-and-shoot cameras that can record video at high frame rates.

We delve briefly into the topic of HDR photography and then discuss a number of topics on the "edge" of visual arts. Trey manages to fool me into thinking he has taken up oil painting. Find out how he accomplished that!

We move on to the topic of "the decade of the artist" - how business models have changed for visual artists in the 21st century. Trey candidly talks about his business model and why he chose to go the route he did.

We share our common interest of the amazing music of Patrick O'Hearn.

Trey Ratcliff's insight into visual arts is captivating. We only scratched the surface in this episode. No doubt we can expect more exciting developments from Trey as he continues to push the edge of visual arts.

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