DCP 31: Red Giant Software, Letus Direct and Robert Benson

This Digital Convergence episode is a little bit different from past episodes. In this edition I have three information packed segments. It's a little longer than usual, but I think you will find it worth it to give today's guests a listen.

Sean Safreed and Red Giant Software

In the first segment of the show I talk with Sean Safreed - the co-founder of Red Giant Software. He talks about Red Giant's new plugin Magic Bullet Colorista II as well as exciting new things coming from the genius developers of Red Giant Software.

Aaron Pinto and Letus Direct

In the second segment of the show, I talk with Aaron Pinto - CEO of Letus Direct - a primary marketer and distributor of Letus products. Letus made a name for itself with it's line of 35mm adapters that allowed videographers to achieve shallow DOF and a filmic look with video cameras. Aaron talks about a new line of products developed by Letus for the DSLR filmmaker.

Robert Benson - Advertising, Commercial, and Editorial Photographer

In the last segment of the show, I talk with photographer Robert Benson from San Diego, California. He is an accomplished commercial, advertising, and editorial photographer who has recently embraced filmmaking with a Canon 5D Mark II and motion graphics. Robert talks about a new wireless monitor he has created for the Canon 5D Mark II.

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Red Giant Software website: http://www.redgiantsoftware.com/

Sean Safreed on Twitter: http://twitter.com/redgiantsean

LetusDirect website: http://www.letusdirect.com/

LetusDSLR website: http://letusdslr.com/

Letus manufacturer website: http://letus35.com/

Robert Benson's website: http://www.robertbenson.com/

Robert Benson's blog: http://robertbenson.com/blog/