DCP 30: Shane Hurlbut and the Hurlbut Visuals 2010 HDSLR Bootcamp

Shane Hurlbut of Hurlbut Visuals is the General of the video DSLR revolution. He and his Elite Team sargents are conducting the HDSLR Bootcamp at Alternative Rentals Digital Cinema in Los Angeles, California, on August 28-29, 2010. Designed for video DSLR filmmakers, the course is two days of personally tailored intensive training on film production using Canon DSLRs. You will hit the ground running with hands experience with a wide range of gear. You will work with actors. You will see your epic production projected on the big screen. Shane and his Elite Team compress over 17 months of experience using Canon DSLRs for feature film production into this intense 2-day course.

Digital Convergence listeners may register for this epic event and receive a 40% discount off - a savings of $1300. Use the code 16x9cinema when you register.

Even if you are unable to attend this course, there's a lot of information in this episode that you will find interesting and informative.

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