DCP 29: Garrett O'Brien - GO Visuals Freelance Cinematographer

In Episode 29 of the Digital Convergence Podcast, I talk with Washington DC-based freelance filmmaker and director of photography, Garett O'Brien. Garrett talks about his experience using the Canon DSLRs and his work as an intern with Philip Bloom on LucasFilms' feature film Red Tails. Garrett shares his thoughts on film school and education, and shares LucasFilm's Rick McCallum's helpful advice to advance Garrett's filmmaking career. Garrett is an experienced Canon 7D cinematographer and is quick to share his knowledge and experience on this episode of the  Digital Convergence podcast. His blog is also a great source of information on shooting video with a DSLR. A fun and inspiring conversation with one of the up and coming filmmakers of the 21st century.

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