DCP 28: Chris Fenwick - Video Editor and Post-Production Expert

What does convergence, video conversion, editing, color correction, grading, and Route 66 have in common?

Chris Fenwick - editor, colorist, videographer, photographer, and recent traveler of the "Mother Road" – Route 66.

In our conversation, Chris shares his thoughts on ProRes versus DVCPRO-HD and why he prefers using DVCPRO-HD. Chris gives his take on color correction and color grading. What is the difference between an effect and a technique? Are you a credit-card DP? Chris makes us skirm a bit - but for a good cause. Chris is very generous with shooting and post-production tips for DSLR shooters in this episode.

We wrap up with discussion of his recent 4,000+ mile journey east to west along the old U.S. Route 66. Chris Fenwick is one of those guys you need to follow. His insight and experience in post-production will accelerate your learning curve. His website is chocked full of informative, clear, easy to follow video tutorials and blog posts.

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Links from the podcast:

Chris Fenwick's website and blog: http://chrisfenwick.com/

Chris Fenwick on Twiiter: http://twitter.com/chrisfenwick

Beth Fenwick and the Route 66 Blog: http://bethfenwick.com/route66

Chris Fenwick's YouTube channel (great tutorials here!): http://www.youtube.com/user/chrisfenwick

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