DCP 27: The iPhone 4 Music Videos - With Kyle Roberts and Marty Martin

Episode 27 of the Digital Convergence podcasts brings you two guests who both made some of the earliest iPhone 4 music videos. I don't think anyone can with certainty say which iPhone music video is truly first. Evidently that distinction belongs to the group Anix. However, our guests both produced music videos with their iPhone 4 and uploaded them to YouTube within hours of each other and within a couple of days or so of the Anix video.

Kyle Roberts of Reckless Abandonment Pictures

Kyle Roberts - Reckless Abandonment PicturesOur first guest is Kyle Roberts, whose day job is working with pro broadcast video, and he talks to us about how he stood in line for the iPhone 4 as soon as it was available and decided to attempt to make one of the first music videos made with an iPhone 4. He connected with the group Dr. Pants and filmed the video for their song - Sarsaparilla Girl - at Pops (one of the largest root beer stores in the USA) along Route 66. Kyle's video received mentions on NPR and in USA Today. Kyle also talks about his stop-motion filmaking with his Canon 7D camera and Dragon Stop-Motion software.

Marty Martin of The Marty Martin

Marty Martin - The Marty MartinOur second guest is independent filmmaker, photographer, and visual effects artist Marty Martin. He also attempted to be one of the first to produce an iPhone 4 music video. He teamed up with songwriter and musician Steve Failows of FLAKJAKT. Steve wrote the song Cascades specifically for Marty's iPhone 4 music video. Filmed in a number of locations, Marty talks about the challenges he faced in working with the limitations of the iPhone 4. Marty is also a Canon 7D shooter.

An interesting side-point: both interviews were conducted on the very iPhone 4s used to create the music videos :)

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