DCP 26: Majek Pictures Apple of My Eye - An iPhone 4 Movie

In this episode I talk with the crew of Majek Pictures who produced the amazing iPhone 4 movie "Apple of My Eye." This movie has already amassed over 600K views on Vimeo. The film was produced and edited entirely on the iPhone. I talk with Michael Koerbel (Director, co-writer), Anna Elizabeth James (co-writer and editor), Eric Edmonds (co-producer), Rebekah Keorbel (co-producer), and Corey Wallace (soundtrack composer and conductor). While producing this movie on an iPhone 4 is indeed cool, the bottom line is it's the story and the production values that really make this movie shine. It was a joy talking with this talented group of artists.

I did forget to ask one burning question: How did they keep the ice cream in the actors' cones from melting? :)

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