DCP 23: Nino Leitner and Sebastian Wiegärtner - On Lucasfilm Set for Movie Red Tails with Philip Bloom

This week's episode (#23) of the Digital Convergence podcast features Nino Leitner and Sebastian Wiegärtner.

Nino Leitner is a filmmaker, DP and film producer based in Vienna, Austria. Nino focuses mainly on commercial work as well as documentaries.

Sebastian Wiegärtner is an experienced graphic designer who recently started filmmaking with a Canon 7D.

On Lucasfilm set: Philip Bloom, Sebastian Wiegärtner, Nino Leitner and “Star Wars” Producer Rick McCallum

Both Sebastian and Nino recently worked together as interns in Prague with Philip Bloom on the George Lucas film Red Tails. A few days ago, I had an amazingly delightful conversation with these two brilliant filmmakers in Europe. I did my best to pry secrets out of them about working with Philip on the Red Tail feature film production by George Lucas. However, my cunning was no match for the steely resolve of Nino and Sebastian. They didn't budge. Next time I'll make sure there's a round of beer available. Nonetheless Nino and Sebastian talk extensively about using the Canon T2i and 7D for their video work.

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Sebastian Wiegärtner on the web: http://wiegaertnerfilms.com/

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