DCP 22: DJ Vegh - Founder of PhotoShipOne and AZ Chopper Cam

What if you could mount a Canon 5D Mark II, 7D or T2i on an aerial platform to shoot unique above ground POV shots?

You can!

DJ Vegh has mastered the use of radio controlled electric-powered helicopters as an aerial platform for photography and video. If you take a look at some of DJ demo videos on Vimeo and his websites, you will be amazed by what can be accomplished with these aerial platforms. DJ is an accomplished photographer, videographer and post-production editor. He also holds a fixed-wing pilot license. With over ten years of experience in aerial video and still photography, it was only natural that he would make good use of his practical mechanical design and aviation experience to concoct an amazing platform for shooting HD and HD DSLR video. His aerial platform was recently used to shoot aerial scenes for Discovery channel's popular TV show Mythbusters.

DJ talks about how he developed the PhotoShipOne system. What does it take to learn how to fly these RC copters? How long does it take to learn? How do you setup the camera for taking video? What lens is best? How do you achieve smooth fluid motion? How do you line and monitor the shot in-flight? How do you determine proper exposure? Who are using these platforms today? DJ talks about future plans for new "ships" that are much easier to fly, and the development of an iPad app to help a camera operator control the camera while it is in flight. This episode will appeal to the uber-geek in any video DSLR shooter.

DJ Vegh at work on location with Mythbusters' hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman (photo from Emmy magazine)

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DJ Vegh's PhotoShipOne company on the web: http://www.photoshipone.com/

DJ Vegh's AZChopperCam aerial photography company on the web: http://www.azchoppercam.com/

DJ Vegh on Twitter: http://twitter.com/PhotoshipOne