DCP 20: Philip Hodgetts of Big Brains for Rent and Intelligent Assistance

Episode #20 of the Digital Convergence podcast features Philip Hodgetts of Big Brains for Rent and Intelligent Assistance.

Philip Hodgetts indeed has a big brain that everyone in the film, video, and content production industry needs to give ear to. He started one of the earliest podcasts for the industry which has evolved to become Creative Planet's Digital Production Buzz - now hosted by Larry Jordan. As technologist, editor, industry pundit, podcasting veteran and specialist in new distribution systems, Philip Hodgetts has 25 years experience in production and post, more than 10 of them in the digital realm. He is a recognized authority on the changing nature of the digital landscape and has an enviable record of accurately predicting the implication of changing technology over the last decade.

In this episode of the Digital Convergence podcast, Philip shares how he wants to over-turn the television industry. He also weighs in on the lingering H.264 licensing controversy. We talk about the ever evolving business models in content production. There's quite a bit of technology here in this episode as well as a good mix of business.

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Philip Hodgetts on the web: http://www.philiphodgetts.com/

Philip Hodgetts on Twitter: https://twitter.com/philiphodgetts

Big Brains for Rent: http://www.bigbrainsforrent.com/

Intelligent Assistance: http://www.intelligentassistance.com/

Creative Planet's Digital Production Buzz podcast: http://www.digitalproductionbuzz.com/

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