DCP 2: The PluralEyes Edition - Featuring Bruce Sharpe of Singular Software

I am really excited to present the second episode of the 16x9 Digital Convergence podcast to you. Bruce Sharpe, CEO and founder of Singular Software, was kind enough to chat with me for a while. If you haven't heard yet, Singular Software is the source of the most amazing post-production software you will likely ever use - PluralEyes. According to the Singular Software website:

PluralEyes saves hours in post-production for multi-camera edits, dual-system audio or multi-take workflows such as music videos. It automatically synchronizes all your audio and video clips without the need for timecode, clappers or any special preparation.

Boy is that the truth! A lot of software and technology come packaged with a lot of hype. PluralEyes, on the other hand, just quietly and solidly does the job. The first time you click the "Sync" button you know something special is happening.

In this episode, Bruce talks about the origin of PluralEyes, offers some helpful tips for hybrid DSLR videographers, and reveals exciting news on how you can be the next James Cameron with a pair of hybrid DSLR cameras.

And not once did we mention the iPad :) But, I'm sure we'll have a lot to say about that soon, too.


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