DCP 18: Philip Bloom - Director of Photography, Cinematographer, DSLR Video Pioneer

No other name is more synonymous with DSLR video than Philip Bloom - a London, UK-based director of photography, cinematographer, director and editor with over 20 years of experience.

He embraced and popularized the use of 35mm adapters to achieve a filmic look with video. On the heels of that innovation, came the new video capable DSLR. Philip received his first Canon 5D Mark II in May of 2009. After spending several weeks learning how to use the 5D Mark II, he began shooting almost exclusively DSLR video for both commercial and personal projects. He chronicled in great detail his experiences with DSLR video on his website and blog www.philipbloom.net. On June 1, 2010, after just a little under 3 years of existence, his website surpassed 10 million views - a testament to the value of the information Philip shares so willingly to other aspiring DSLR cinematographers.

In this interview, Philip and I go on a Mr. Toad's Wild Ride of a conversation covering a broad range of topics that you will find entertaining, informative, and inspiring. Philip's tireless passion for the art of cinematography and photography comes shining through. We talk travel, business, filmaking, toy camera photography, lighting and camera support systems, timelapse, DSLR meet-ups and workshops, and his plans for the future. This is Philip Bloom like you have never heard him before.

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