DCP 17: Israel Hyman - Founder of Izzy Video, Videographer, Content Producer

This episode features Israel "Izzy" Hyman - the creator and producer of the video how-to podcast IzzyVideo.com. This is how Izzy describes himself:

"I am obsessed with video. To me, it’s an incredible art form. It has the visuals of photography, but when you add audio and physical movement, it takes the art form to a whole new level. While video seems complex at first, it isn’t. I have devoted the last several years to showing others how easy video is. It’s not the ‘black art’ that people sometimes pretend it is. Developing skills with video is as easy as learning the principles and then practicing them."

Izzy's obsession with video comes through loud and clear in our conversation. It's clear that Izzy loves to teach and share what he has learned. We discuss gear a bit, including the Canon 5D Mark II that he recently started using. But then we dive into the gnarly issue of making money with video. Video producers and filmmakers often struggle doing client work - going from one gig to searching for the next. Izzy's approach to the business is different - and he's very open to sharing the "secrets" of his success being a content producer - and he does so in this episode of the Digital Convergence podcast. A must-listen if you are this business to make money.

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