DCP 16: Shane Hurlbut, ASC - Cinematographer, Director of Photography

In a recent conversation with Gale Tattersall, DP for Fox's House MD, Gale mentioned Shane Hurlbut - along with Rodney Charters and Philip Bloom - as one of the pioneers of using the Canon 5D Mark II in cinema. That's quite an honor to be recognized as a member of the triumvirate of video DSLR pioneers. In recognition of Shane's pioneering work with the Canon 5D Mark II, Canon inducted Shane as one of the first cinematographers into their Explorers of Light program.

Shane's long list of accomplishments include working with director Rob Cohen on the feature films The Guardian, The Rat Pack and The Skulls. A partial list of other feature films that credit Shane as the cinematographer or director of photography include Into the Blue, Drumline, Swing Vote, The Greatest Game Ever Played, and Terminator Salvation. He has also worked on several commercial shoots and is an accomplished still photographer.

In this episode of the 16x9 Cinema Digital Convergence podcast, Shane Hurlbut shares his passion for using DSLR video. He describes the Canon 5D Mark II as a game changer - one that's beat him up and heavily bruised him - but nonetheless he has successfully tamed the beast and embraced it as a serious tool for the cinematographer in feature films, short films, and commercial work.

There are many self-appointed pontificators who arrogantly proclaim that the Canon 5D Mark II is not suitable for serious filmmaking. Shane proves them wrong by doing just that - using the 5D Mark II for serious filmmaking. Shane talks about how he uses the Canon 5D Mark II on feature films and commercials. He talks about his short film, "The Last 3 Minutes" and tells us why and how he did it. Shane candidly talks about his initial failures with DSLR video and the lessons he learned. He does not hold back from sharing what he has learned. His willingness to share is evident by his blog: Hurlblog - an incredible resource for all filmmakers - whether you use DSLR video or not.

It was a pleasure talking with Shane. His enthusiasm for filmmaking and using the Canon 5D Mark II will motivate you to get out and shoot your next indie film!

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