DCP 15: Gale Tattersall - Cinematographer, Director of Photography for FOX's House MD

Gale Tattersall is an accomplished cinematographer and photographer who has worked in commercial, feature film, and episodic television. Gale is the Director of Photography for FOX Network's House MD - a show where he brings a distinctive, cinematic look.

In the last few weeks, the Twitter-verse, video and photography discussion forums and blogs have been abuzz about the use of video DSLR cameras for filming the season finale of the Emmy award winning show House MD. Gale discusses the reasons why they chose to use video DSLR's to shoot the season finale and his experience and impression of using these cameras.

Also, in this episode, Gale talks about the challenges of filming episodic television - sticking to traditional shooting schedule while more producers are seeking a cinematic style of filming. He talks about how the show House MD is shot normally with 35mm Arriflex cameras - but uses other technology when the job calls.

Gale is a true artist and craftsman - clearly evident in his highly engaging conversation with me. Gale is dedicated to producing the highest quality visual art using the right tools for the given situation he must shoot in. He talks about how video DSLR cameras give him an opportunity to tell a story and show a point of view that would not otherwise have been possible. Gale talks about how video DSLR cameras have democratized cinematic filmaking - making it possible for many on limited budgets to realize their dreams to create a cinematic film - assuming they have the skill to tell a good story!

Talking to Gale was an incredible experience for me. A very modest and gracious man, I deeply appreciate his participation in this podcast.

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