DCP 14: Art Howard - Emmy Award Winning Photographer and Videographer

Art Howard identifies himself as a photographer. But he is much more than that. Art is an award winning cinematographer. Art's bio on his website says "Have camera will travel." And travel he has thru 49 states and 30 countries, and both poles of the earth.

According to his bio on DPExperience.com:

"For 30 years, two time Emmy award winning photographer and producer Art Howard has helped viewers experience life through images... His shooting experience started with 16 mm film cameras through 3/4 U-matic and up through HDCAM and DSLR. Art is firm believer in the combined power of sight and sound and shoots with both strong images and equally strong sound in mind. Taking the viewer to places like the Gulf war in Kuwait, -30 degree conditions in the Arctic, or the ocean floor 3000 feet below the surface he pushes constantly for new ways to tell the story.

"In 2000, Art broke new ground in the area of television technology by lensing the first ever High Definition program in the country for use in a public science museum. The program, seen at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and broadcast on WRAL-TV and HDNet, was recognized by the National Association of Television Program Executives for excellent in High Definition Television Production. It was the first time a “high def” program won the organization’s prestigious IRIS award.

"Art has won more than 50 nationally recognized awards, including two Emmy awards, 5 Telly awards, a Robert Kennedy Journalism award, and a National Press Photographers Association award.

"Art’s work has been featured on CBS, ABC, NBC, The Travel Channel, Discovery, National Geographic, and The Smithsonian and other museums throughout the country. He is a 20 year member of the National Press Photographers Association."

In this episode of the Digital Convergence podcast, Art talks about his pioneering work with HD video and later his transition to DSLR video. He offers up a host of tips for cinematographers embracing video DSLR cameras. As soon as this podcast was recorded, Art was off on his next global adventure.

While you take a listen, I'll be straightening out my sock drawer.

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