DCP 120: The End of the Pro

In episode 120 we talk about:

  • Yahoo declares that pro photographers are extinct (or something like that)
  • Adobe Creative Cloud - is it fluffy and cheery or grey and foreboding - or, "haters" vs "apologists"
  • MagicLantern goes raw (or is that RAW?)
  • Is it OK for camera manufacturers to not let us use all that our cameras are capable of?
  • And a really long goodbye as we hear from friends of the podcast

I want to thank CrumplePop for supporting the podcast. They are the best!

I'm also grateful to Chris Fenwick and planetMitch for sharing in this amazing journey.  I'm indebted to all the wonderful guests that have been on the show. I've learned so much and enjoyed great conversations with so many amazing people in the industry - including but not limited to - Shane and Lydia Hurlbut, Gale Tattersal, Israel "Izzy" Hyman, Rodney Charters, Dale Grahn, Dave Dugdale, Patrick Moreau, Mike Carroll, Bruce Logan, and so many more. Accolades to Ron "Awesome" Dawson for being a semi-regular contributor to the show. And most amazing of all - our fans - thank you for your support of the DCP.

Now get out there and shoot some amazing video!

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