DCP 113: Warning! Speed Change Ahead

In episode number 113 of the Digital Convergence Podcast, we talk about the following:

  • March 27, 2013, Atlanta Cutters to feature Marc Solorio (BMCC camera) and Rob Ashe (Conan Show editor)
  • A fix for the Black Magic Cinema Camera
  • Nikon announces the D7100 - with no low-pass optical filter on the sensor
  • Canon is developing an amazing new high sensitivity sensor
  • Are we keeping with change in our art and craft?
  • Getting constructive feedback from our customers
  • Script writing for promo videos

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Podcast Mentions:

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Atlanta Cutters

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Video Promo Badge

The New Nikon d7100 (via DPReview.com)

Shooting From a Moving Car With the New Kenyon X Series 3 Axis Gyros (via planet5d.com)

Canon Announces the Development of New High Sensitivity Sensor (via CanonRumors.com)

Chris Fenwick's Product Pick: LED Light From Rosco