DCP 110: The Answer Is 42

In this episode we answer listener questions:

  • Audio for interviews
  • Mixing with music - the controversy continues
  • GH2 vs the GH3
  • Creating a filmic look with old 29.97 video
  • Commentary on the new Rode iXY and Lav mics
  • Which CDN to use for delivering up your video content

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Podcast Mentions:

Ron Dawson's Product Pick: ikan's 500 LED 3-light Kit

Chris Fenwick's Product Pick: Short and less expensive Apple Thunderbolt Cable (o.5 m) and BoomMate Boompole Holder

planetMitch's Product Pick: Tenba Roadie II HDSLR/Video Backpack

Cinema Room:

planetMitch's blog post on Paperman: How the story was developed and BTS video included

Ron Dawson's blog post on Paperman: A critical look at Disney’s viral sensation “Paperman” and why Ron thinks it works so well.