DCP 11: Jay Burlage - HDR Photographer and Videographer

In my 11th episode, I have the privilege of talking to Jay Burlage who is an architect turned HDR and time-lapse filmmaker and innovator. Not only is he an accomplished HDR photographer and filmmaker, he has been published in Make magazine.

Jay talks about how he adapted a Meade telescope mount into a GigaPan-clone nicked-named the "MiLapse" for automating panning while shooting time-lapse.

Jay goes into detail about his involvement with Timescapes.org and Openmoco.org. Our discussion gets really geeky with Jay discussing time-based tone mapping for HDR video and developments in the openmoco project.

Jay also talks about a special PBS project where he is a principle time-lapse photographer. From time to time, Jay's cat makes an occasional appearance. Caution: time-lapse may be habit forming. 16x9 Cinema is not responsible for any problems resulting from time-lapse addiction. Our longest episode yet at over 1 hour, 18 minutes. But well worth the listen! Jay has so much knowledge and interesting ideas that we could have talked for hours. It was a real joy to talk technology and art with Jay.

Truly amazing stuff! Jay is truly a pioneer in do-it-yourself HDR filmmaking. He is one to watch and follow in the field of time-lapse, motion control, and HDR photography and video.

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Links from the podcast:

Jay Burlage's website: http://www.hdrtimelapse.com/

Jay Burlage on Twitter: http://twitter.com/MiLapse

Jay Burlage's Make magazine article: Time-lapse Panning

MiLapse YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/milapse

Steffan Minning's Atlas open-source tone mapping plug-in for Adobe After Effects

Brian Clark's 2005 Thesis: Time lapse HDR: time lapse photography with high dynamic range images

Pravin Bhat: http://www.cs.washington.edu/homes/pro/

Processing.org: http://processing.org/

Openmoco open-source photographic motion control project: http://www.openmoco.org/

The "Franken-camera" open-source digital camera project: http://soe.stanford.edu/research/profiles/infotech_levoy.html

Elphel open-source camera project: http://cinema.elphel.com/

Timescapes.org: http://timescapes.org/

Tom Lowe - Time-lapse videographer: http://timescapes.org/blog/

Michael James - HDR Photographer and Videographer: http://hdriblog.com/ and http://www.digitalcoastimage.com/