DCP 101: Against All Odds

In this episode Chris Fenwick, planetMitch, and Carl Olson attempt to answer our listeners' questions:

1) What are best practices for ingesting card data to avoid data corruption?

2) How does Chris Fenwick approach color calibration?

3) When Chris Fenwick does color correction, what scopes does he use and why?

4) Is a broadcast monitor necessary?

5) Can you copy and use the .mov files that are created in FCP X's event library (the ones with the (ID) in the file name)?

6) Is everyone shooting video grumpy old men? Where are the young people at video trade shows?

We want to thank our listeners for supporting the show and spreading the word about the podcast. Please continue to leave us voicemail (using the tab to the right labeled Send Voicemail) or send us an email. We love to hear your feedback. In future shows we want to feature each month an episode of listeners questions where we will bring in other filmmaking and post-production experts to help us answer your questions.

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