DCP 212: Where Do Creative Ideas Come From?

This year I’ve published 31 episodes of the Digital Convergence Podcast. If there is anything to be learned from these podcast episodes this year it’s that gear will only get you so far. Most cameras made today are good–even the iPhone in your pocket. Video editor Chris Fenwick called the iPhone a “studio in our hands.” With such power and quality available to us, there’s no reason to agonize over what camera to buy. In essence, there’s nothing left to pixel peep because all pixels are pretty good. 

So now that we’ve got gear angst out of the way, in 2017 and beyond, we can move on and focus on creating. You are first and foremost a creative. 

Imagination trumps gear. 

The creative process begins with an idea. Where do creative ideas come from? In this last episode of 2016, I explore this question and examine the creative process through a series of interview clips that feature filmmaker and director David Lynch, actor and comedian Gene Wilder, director and explorer James Cameron, composer and performer Yanni, musician and founder of The Black Eyed Peas will.i.am, producer and musician Brian Eno, and author, lecturer, and education expert Sir Ken Robinson. Their thoughts on where creative ideas originate, the creative process, creative failure, and overcoming creative discouragement will inspire you to expand your creative horizons no matter what your situation is in life, or the gear and software you have, in the year ahead. 

Imagination trumps gear.
— Carl Olson


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Interviews on Creativity

Hitchcock's Definition of Happiness: https://youtu.be/14dOICbwSIs

Gene Wilder on Creativity (from CTForum.org) https://youtu.be/4gG3ludjkMs

James Cameron Interview on Creativity | Montréal 2014: https://youtu.be/duEyYGqWFt8

Yanni: Illustrating the Creative Process: https://youtu.be/xQJ21n9LDHo

will.i.am on Creativity | American Genius (from National Geographic): https://youtu.be/yEnVShUZXks

Brian Eno by Alfred Dunhill: https://youtu.be/5mqtc2Z3K8o

Brian Eno & Steven Johnson On Art (from How We Get To Next): https://youtu.be/RMU5nhpb4LE

Sir Ken Robinson on creativity and education: https://youtu.be/fKaGExyFOR0

Steve Johnson’s How We Get To Next: https://howwegettonext.com


The amazing people featured on Digital Convergence Podcast in 2016


Justin DeMers and Ray Tsang: DCP 185: Team of One Filmmaking with Justin DeMers and Ray Tsang

Rick Delgado: DCP 188: Director and Cinematographer Rick Delgado

Cinzia Angelini: DCP 190: Mila Film Writer and Director Cinzia Angelini and Producer Andrea Emmes

Jason Amm: DCP 191: Jason Amm - Producer of Electronic Voyager: Retracing Bob Moog's Sonic Journey

Mathew Farrell: DCP 193: The Karakoram Anomaly - With Mathew Farrell

Tom Bryan: DCP 202: Tom Bryan's The Casey Neistat School of Filmmaking

Ken Bell: DCP 206: Kenn Bell - Director of Second Chance Dogs



Soundstripe: DCP 189: Soundstripe Co-Founder Micah Sannan

Jason Been: DCP 192: Jason Been - Imagecraft Productions

Dylan Higginbotham: DCP 207: Dylan Higginbotham - Founder of Stupid Raisins and Creator of FCP X Plugins

Brent Barbano of Sharegrid: DCP 196: Am I Getting Paid Enough? - Part 3



Dave Dugdale: DCP 203: Dave Dugdale on Sony and Canon

Caleb Pike: DCP 204: Caleb Pike Builds a Hackintosh for FCP X

Kris Simmons: DCP 194: Am I Getting Paid Enough? (With Kris Simmons)

Joseph Olson: DCP 199: Joseph Olson on Crushing it on YouTube

Ben Bruton-Cox: DCP 198: No Country for Old Men with Canon EOS 5D Mark IV's