DCP 207: Dylan Higginbotham - Founder of Stupid Raisins and Creator of FCP X Plugins

Earlier this year I released five videos about podcasting. I called the series The Unconventional Guide to Podcasting. In keeping with the spirit of being “unconventional” I sought to create videos that were unlike anything produced to date about podcasting. In addition to the use of old, quirky vintage movies in the public domain, I looked into using whiteboard drawing animations. Now these can be done by hand - but that takes way too long! On the other hand I could use one of the many Adobe Flash-based doodle apps created by internet marketing gurus - but frankly these ended up being unstable and of dubious quality. I then looked into Videoscribe. It’s a pretty decent whiteboard animation service, but frankly, there was no way I was going to pay $12 per month for yet another software-as-a-service subscription.

Finally, I found an incredibly easy-to-use plugin that had just the right set of whiteboard animation styles I needed. It’s called Story Pop - a FCP X plugin from Stupid Raisins. I love this plugin! It’s a delight to use. I have to confess that for the longest time I did not want to tell anyone about Story Pop! Well, today I’m turning my back on my petty selfishness, and introducing to you not only Story Pop, but also it’s talented creator: Dylan Higginbotham - the founder of Stupid Raisins. Stupid Raisins is the company behind Story Pop and many other fantastic FCP X plugins.

I know, I know! Not all of you use FCP X. I get that. However, this is a not just a story about using and creating plugins for FCP X. The bigger and more inspiring story is that of Dylan finding the courage to ditch his 9-to-5 job to create a successful business doing something he loves to do.

Dylan Higginbotham - Founder of Stupid Raisins, with Motion guru Mark Spencer of Ripple Training.

Dylan Higginbotham - Founder of Stupid Raisins, with Motion guru Mark Spencer of Ripple Training.


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