DCP 202: Tom Bryan's The Casey Neistat School of Filmmaking

Last week Chris Fenwick and I explored scene by scene Casey Neistat’s video: The Casey Neistat’s Guide to Filmmaking. In that episode, Chris referenced a hilarious video created by London-based director and filmmaker Tom Bryan. Tom’s film is called The Casey Neistat School of Filmmaking.

Tom Bryan's real passion - though already an accomplished corporate video producer - is to create drama oriented films. The Casey Neistat School of Filmmaking - self-funded and created with an all volunteer crew - is the first in a series of several narrative films Tom has set out to create this year. Watching this short film, it’s obvious he is off to an amazing start. Tom is a filmmaker to watch!

I know a lot of folks - especially filmmakers - don’t get the Neistat phenomena. However, is there anything we can learn from the Neistat experience? Chris Fenwick returns to this episode to join my conversation with Tom Bryan to discuss this topic and answer that question.

Director and Filmmaker Tom Bryan

Director and Filmmaker Tom Bryan


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