DCP 201: Analysis: Casey Neistat's Guide to Filmmaking

It seems like everyone today wants to be the next Casey Neistat. What makes his YouTube channel and videos so compelling? His YouTube channel currently has over 5 million subscribers, and has amassed over 1 billion views. He must be doing something right that draws such an insanely huge audience.

A few months ago Casey Neistat released a video he called Casey Neistat’s Guide to Filmmaking.

In this episode of the Digital Convergence Podcast, Chris Fenwick and I take an in-depth look at Neistat's video. Chris casts his keen video editor eyes upon each scene in this video and talks about why Casey’s story telling works so well.

We also talk about the new DJI Mavic Pro, and I try to goad Chris into making an epic experiential documentary of Route 66.


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Photos above by Chris Fenwick