DCP 199: Joseph Olson on Crushing it on YouTube

My brother, Joseph Olson, talks about crushing it on YouTube. Originally trained as physicist, he now produces YouTube videos - by the thousands! His two YouTube channels - BrickTsar (all about Legos) and TrainTsarFun (all about toy trains) - have garnered over 50 million views and over 50,000 subscribers combined. So far he’s published almost 3,000 videos (and none of them with a Canon EOS 5D Whatever).

Joseph Olson - YouTube content creator.

Joseph Olson - YouTube content creator.

In this episode, Joseph talks with me about his success on YouTube, his process for producing videos, and tips for optimizing YouTube videos.

Many DCP listeners produce videos for clients and many of the guests on this show have shared tips about doing client work. So, it’s time to change things up a bit and talk expanding your revenue streams by creating your own content and monetizing it. Joseph's 3,000 videos belong only to him and no one else. He reaps the profit from owning his own content.

Jacob (my nephew) with his Uber-cool dad and YouTube superstar Joseph Olson

Jacob (my nephew) with his Uber-cool dad and YouTube superstar Joseph Olson

Hopefully Joseph's success on YouTube will inspire you to create your own content and profit from it, without having to depend totally on booking one-shot gigs - client work - and all the headaches that come from trying to please the client and get paid.

In this episode, Joseph provides a ton of inspiration, and many practical tips on using YouTube, including the following:

  • You are not your audience and don’t think like your audience
  • Shoot video with anything - your iPhone or webcam. It’s the content that matters most - for now.
  • Post videos regularly
  • Optimize your YouTube video title, description, and tags
  • Use playlists to organize content
  • How long someone watches your video is important to YouTube
  • Viewers like to see your mistakes and bloopers - so leave them in and use them early in your video.
  • How long someone stay on YouTube watching other YouTube videos - even if they are not your videos - is important for ranking, too.
  • Community engagement matters - thumbs down just as good as a thumbs up, even troll comments help.
  • You can hide troll comments from everyone but the troll leaving the troll thinking he has an audience when in reality no one can see him and he doesn’t know it!

I always enjoy talking with my brother, and I’m glad to be able to share one of our conversations with you in this episode.

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