DCP 197: The Return of Rocko's Modern Life & How I Met the B-52's

In this episode I cover:

1) The return of Rocko's Modern Life and how I met the B-52's while working as a camera operator intern at a local Atlanta TV station back in the late 1970's.

2) Canon EOS 5D Mark IV rumors are heating up. I talk about the latest information from CanonRumors.com. It looks like the 5D Mark IV will support 4K video, but it does not come with a CFAST card slot. In a few days - perhaps as early as August 25, 2016 - we likely all will have the facts, but will it make a difference?

3) There's a free sound library available that may be of interest to digital media creatives. It's a royalty free library from Red Sky Lullaby.

4) If you are a Final Cut Pro X user, I tell you how you can win a free pass for the 2016 FCPX Creative Summit. And I also tell you about an awesome FCP X resource: fcp.co.

5) Kris Simmons - The Video Business Success Coach - returns to motivate you to put your biz into high gear. Ron Dawson of Radio Film School left us a voice mail with a great question about a topic we did not address in our series “Am I getting paid enough?” Stay tune to hear Ron’s question and Kris Simmons answer to it.

Mentioned in the podcast:

CrumplePop's website:

CrumplePop AudioDenoise:

CrumplePop EchoRemover:

The return of Rocko's Modern Life:

New Canon EOS 5D Mark IV spec rumors:

FCP.co - a great resource for all things FCP X

Verify on-demand-insurance for drone pilots:

Radiophonic Atmospheres FREE Sample Pack from Red Sky Lullaby:

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