DCP 196: Am I Getting Paid Enough? - Part 3

This episode features:

1) Soundstripe co-founders Travis Terrell & Micah Sannon announce an exciting development in their music licensing service that’s going to make licensing songs even easier and more affordable.

2) ShareGrid co-founder and Creative Director Brent Barbano returns to the DCP to talk about recent developments and trends in the camera rental market. Brent announces that ShareGrid is opening up a new market in Atlanta.

3) Kris Simmons of 6 Strong Media returns with our 3rd and final installment in the series “Am I getting paid enough?” This popular topic has stimulated a good bit of discussion among DCP listeners. In this episode we hear again from Pat Miller - whose $800 video for a bicycle accessory company - started this whole conversation. We also hear from listeners - Patrick Healy, Matt Gray, and James Talkington - with their comments and questions.

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