DCP 187: A Ferris Wheel For Miss Jane (Featuring Chris Fenwick)

A DCP listener posed this scenario to Chris Fenwick and I just before we recorded episode 187 of the Digital Convergence Podcast: "I was in a production company last week and most people were under 30. All but one was under 40. What’s the key to longevity in the business?” It’s a great question. I’m not sure we directly answered the question in this episode, but we did have a lot to say about how our attitude makes a difference as we get older and help us "stay in the business."

Prior to pressing the record button for this episode, I watched a poignant video that Chris just completed for a memorial service for a dear friend of his who had recently passed away. Chris explains how he put together a moving video tribute to a friend.

Talk about embracing and learning something new… Chris talks about why he decided to get a new DJI Phantom 4. It also involved renting a ferris wheel in Kona, Hawaii. Naturally.

Chris Fenwick flies a DJI Phantom 4 in Hawaii

Chris Fenwick flies a DJI Phantom 4 in Hawaii

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