DCP 183: Aviv Vana and CineSummit 5 Directors Edition

Filmmaker Aviv Vana talks about the world’s largest online event for filmmakers - CineSummit. Over 60,000 will attend March 1st and 2nd, 2016. For FREE. Yes, you heard that right: for FREE. Aviv tells us what to expect in this upcoming exciting two day educational  event.

What is CineSummit?

  • It's the world’s largest online event for filmmakers

  • You experience 2 days of the "best of the best" practical sessions (March 1 & 2, 2016)

  • CineSummit's hand-picked team of 9 world-class Directors reveal how you can create high-end films, set yourself apart from the competition, and amaze your fellow filmmakers.

  • CineSummit is your ultimate "shortcut" to becoming a world-class filmmaker.

  • Get all the "secrets" from 9 world-class directors … right at your fingertips (from the comfort of your own home)!

  • The real “secret” to success is seeing how the PROS work. You are looking “over their shoulder” as they show you everything they’ve learned on the job (the stuff you can’t learn just by reading a book).

  • Actionable content (how-to, “on set” content) as opposed to theory

Click the image above to see a preview video about CineSummit 5.

Click the image above to see a preview video about CineSummit 5.

I deeply appreciate Aviv Vana for joining us today on the DCP and telling us about CineSummit 5. At the time this episode of the DCP is published, CineSummit 5, Directors Edition, has just opened for registration and I'm proud to be partner with CineSummit this year! 

The best part is … your ticket is free! Register now and you’ll have access to 9 sessions by world-class Directors when the event starts March 1 and 2.

Those that register will be sent a link when the event goes live and with that link they will be sent to Day 1 or 2 where they can pick the presentation they would like to watch.

FIlmaker and CineSummit Founder, Aviv Vana

FIlmaker and CineSummit Founder, Aviv Vana

Each presentation is on the website and is available on demand (click play when you want) for 24 hours. The good news is no one will miss out. The presentations do NOT start at a specific hour at a specific timezone - otherwise some could possibly miss out if they are sleeping or working. From 8am PST to 8am PST the next day (a 24 hour window), the presentations are online. You can select play on any of that day’s presentations at your convenience.

Each presentation features real working, world-class, accomplished Directors. Each director has worked on high-end, big brand, notable pieces of work. What that means for you is that you get real world advice from directors who are in demand TODAY!

You have access to the best talent which you would otherwise never be able to reach. Needless to say it would be nearly impossible to get some of these guys to sit down with you for a few hours and conduct a personal mentoring session. That is essentially what you are getting here - access to director that you would be happy to get even an email or social media reply from!

Each session is not an Interview! Rather, each session is a fully prepared presentation. Each presenter has taken the time to prepare a laser focus topic and conduct a dive deep into just that one topic alone. They have prepared a keynote and will be going into their topic in depth. The bottom line: Value=Priceless!

Register today with this special link for all Digital Convergence Podcast listeners.

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