DCP 181: Excitement versus Wonderment (With Chris Fenwick)

After a several week battle with a severe case of bronchitis, I’m back! In this episode of the Digital Convergence Podcast, Chris Fenwick and I have a conversation that ranges from the use of the golden mean in art, on being a mobile digital media creative, to the difference between excitement and wonderment in video.

Covered in this episode:

  • The golden mean / golden ratio
  • Being a creative vs doing what our customers want
  • Adam Westbrook’s video essay Painting in the Dark: The Struggle for Art in A World Obsessed with Popularity (Part 3 of Delve.TV’s The Long Game series)
  • The challenge of our work getting lost in “sea of noise"
  • The danger of measuring our self worth by the “like” button
  • Why “participation trophies” are a bad idea
  • Why we have not recorded a podcast episode for the past several weeks
  • Find out why Chris says my latest work is a “whimsical information transfer" video
  • Why hosting a podcast website on WordPress may be a bad idea
  • My video whiteboard secret is revealed
  • Why I use Squarespace and Libsyn for my podcast
  • Why Chris and I decided not to do a podcast about podcasting
  • The responsibility that comes from sharing your opinion publicly in digital media
  • MotionVFX makes a lot of cool plugins!!! 
  • Why Chris rarely takes his MacBook home
  • Chris wants to start a new podcast
  • Can a digital media creative make a living using only mobile devices?
  • Why mobile production fascinates Chris more than what the latest camera is
  • Why I sold my DJI Inspire 1
  • Ben Brown Visual Vibs daily vlogger guy: Atlantis Dunes - Visual Vibs
  • The GoPro is just as old as the DCP podcast!
  • What motivates Chris in this business today
  • Excitement vs wonderment

Also in this episode, Kris Simmons – your Video Business Success Coach – tells you how to ask your clients better questions so that you better understand their digital media needs.

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