DCP 179: Craig Cerhit Got Hit By A Truck, Nearly Crashed A Helicopter With His Shoes, Got Lost In a Cave and Made a Documentary Film About Experiential Education

Here’s everything you need to know about Craig Cerhit in just 4 words: Father, Producer, Photographer, Adventurer. Craig Cerhit is a true “convergence” digital media creative. 

In this episode of the Digital Convergence Podcast, Craig relates how his literally being hit by a truck and severely injured led to  working on a passion project, a documentary about experiential education for children called Found In The Forest. He covers the development of the idea, the equipment used, editing and post-production, crowdfunding, and distribution of the film.

Our discussion doesn’t end there… Craig covers a wide range of topics including:

  • Challenges of shooting a documentary where it rains - a lot!
  • Booking screenings of his documentary film as far away as Australia
  • Being asked to do a TED talk
  • The ups and downs of crowdfunding
  • Key-wording hours and hours of video!
  • How Craig got lost in a cave and lived to tell about it
  • Renting helicopters for aerial photography and video
  • Risk assessment of a photo shoot
  • Creating a podcast to create interest in a film
  • Using Squarespace to host his website and podcast
  • and more!

Like many of us, Craig was a self starter and self-learner at a young age by taking control of and mastering the audio-visual equipment of his school’s media center. Today he is a filmmaker and producer. Over the past two decades Craig was the producer of hundreds of hours of television. Most recently he was the Senior Supervising Producer for Greedy Productions in Vancouver, Canada. Craig supervised the production of a number of TV shows like EP Daily and Reviews On The Run for a total of twelve half-hour shows a week. Craig's first role at Greedy was Senior Supervising Producer for The Lab With Leo Laporte, an hour long call-in tech show hosted by Tech guru Leo Laporte.

Also in this episode: As digital media creatives who work hard to deliver quality work to our customers, there’s nothing more disappointing than not getting paid on time! You send an invoice and wait, and wait, and wait, and hope, and wait to get paid. The Video Business Success Coach Kris Simmons talks about getting paid for your work on time.