DCP 176: Chris Fenwick and the Future of Creating Digital Media

Looking back at the last five years that this podcast has been published, there have been amazing changes and advances in the tools we use to create digital media. What about the next five years?

Digital media creative, video director, editor, and podcaster - Chris Fenwick - is back on the DCP to share his thoughts about where digital media is going. Chris Fenwick gives use a fascinating look at where he sees the future of digital media creation - and role mobile devices play in shaping that future.

Also in this episode: Kris Simmons - the Video Business Success Coach - takes on one of the challenges of being a freelancer: what do you do when a company hires you and then becomes afraid that you will compete with them? It’s a situation that all of us as freelancers has been in. How can we build trust with those that hire us and also with freelancers we ourselves may hire?

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