DCP 172: Alchemy in Logic Pro X 10.2, Atomos Ninja Assassin, GH4 V-Log Firmware

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In this episode:

  • Logic Pro X gets a huge update with Camel Audio's Alchemy 2.0
  • Atomos releases the Ninja Assassin HDMI recorder
  • Panasonic announces the imminent release of the paid firmware update for the GH4 enabling V-Log
  • YouTube releases 1,000 new royalty-free music and sound effect audio files.
  • Video Business Success Coach Kris Simmons considers whether or not you should niche down and specialize your digital media services.
Alchemy 2.0 new in Apple Logic Pro X 10.2

Alchemy 2.0 new in Apple Logic Pro X 10.2

Mentioned In This Episode:

Apple Logic Pro X 10.2 with Alchemy

More Than 1000 New Royalty-Free Tracks to YouTube's Audio Library

Panasonic LUMIX GH4 V-Log L Function Firmware Upgrade Kit DMW-SFU1

Atomos Ninja Assassin HDMI Recorder

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