DCP 170: Ron Dawson | Radio Film School and The Solo Creative Podcast

Many of you already know Ron Dawson. He's been a frequent guest and co-host of the Digital Convergence Podcast. He hosted two podcasts of his for creatives: FStop Beyond and Crossing The 180. Ron confesses that after a while, producing Crossing the 180 stopped being fun and so after producing 110 episodes, he retired the show.

A move from Atlanta to Seattle ensued. After settling into his new home, Ron's wife reminded him of his love of blogging and podcasting. Encouraged by his wife, and inspired by the format and creative approach of the popular podcasts Serial and This American Life, Ron began to formulate his return to podcasting with two new podcasts: Radio Film Lab and The Solo Creative Podcast.

Ron describe the premise of The Solo Creative Podcast:


"An overwhelming majority of professional filmmakers, photographers, graphic designers and other professional creatives are “studios”  or “agencies” comprised of just one or two people. Yet they run their businesses and market themselves as full studios and agencies as opposed to “freelancers.” If that’s how you’d describe your business, then The Solo Creative Podcast is just for you.

Each short 20- to 25-minute episode will offer some tip or piece of advice to help creative “solopreneurs” more effectively run their businesses and grow in their craft. Twice a week you’ll get valuable and poignant insights about sales, marketing, branding, social media and productivity. First from host Ron Dawson as he shares his 25+ years of business experience. The second episode of the week will feature a guest interviewed by Ron to provide his or her own business and creative insights."

Ron describes Radio Film School as "This American Life for filmmakers." Ron says, "I came up with Radio Film School because it succinctly captures in essence what the show is about: audio based inspiration, education and entertainment for the aspiring filmmaker. I also think when potential listeners are perusing through iTunes, Radio Film School will instantly make sense."

After hearing a preview of Ron's new podcast, I can confidently say, Radio Film School is truly unlike anything you've heard before.

After listening to my conversation with Ron Dawson, you will hear from The Video Business Success Coach Kris Simmons. We get a lot of questions about how to keep the sales process going while working on current client projects. Kris gives good advice on how to keep your sales pipeline flowing–even while you work.

By Jason Fried, David Heinemeier Hansson