DCP 168: Building Online Video Courses with Jeff Long

Digital media creative Jeff Long talks about building online video courses. He is the founder of True Focus Media. As a digital media creative he creates online courses, videos and podcasts. Jeff has a new podcast about a topic I love: creating online courses called: The Online Course Coach Podcast. I recently had the pleasure to appear on his new podcast to talk in-depth about my experiences creating online courses for the water damage restoration industry. Jeff graciously accepted my invitation to guest on my podcast to talk about his not only his new podcast and but also his experience building online courses and coaching others to do the same.

The Video Business Success Coach Kris Simmons talks about moving into a new office and how it’s revitalized his creativity and business. Can moving to an office/studio space be right for you and your business?

Mentioned In This Episode:

Jeff Long's website: http://www.truefocusmedia.com

The Online Course Coach Podcast: http://www.truefocusmedia.com/podcast/

MoodleCloud: https://moodle.com/cloud/

How To Use Video and Joint Ventures to Create Online Course with Carl Olson: http://www.truefocusmedia.com/how-to-use-video-and-joint-ventures-to-create-online-courses-with-carl-olson-podcast/

Why Podcasting is the New Networking (via Fast Company): http://www.fastcompany.com/3048202/hit-the-ground-running/why-podcasting-is-the-new-networking

Jeff's previous appearance on the Digital Convergence Podcast: http://carlolson.tv/dcp-132-jeff-long-video-producer-elearning-expert/