DCP 166: Ben Bruton-Cox and Richard Shelton - Commercial and Wedding Video Producers

Ben Bruton-Cox and Richard Shelton are professional video producers who do commercial and wedding videos. They both got into a habit of talking each week about what went on in their video businesses the prior week. Then they did something brilliant: they pressed the record button and started publishing their conversations in a new audio podcast called Our Week In Video. Ben and Richard about starting their new podcast, discuss an article published last year about the apparent decline of the use of DSLR video, the need for improved camera ergonomics, and more.

Also in the podcast: You’ve spent weeks preparing a proposal for a gig. You've spent hours traveling and meeting with the potential client. But, then - boom! They award the project to someone else! How do you recover from that huge letdown? The Video Business Success Coach - Kris Simmons - helps you get back on your feet and move on.

Mentioned In This Episode:

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Richard Shelton on the web:

Our Week In Video Podcast:

Futuresource Predicts Decline of DSLRs for Pro Video (Article from June 2014):

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Daniel Crowe (new associate producer of the DCP): http://www.crowefly.comhttps://twitter.com/dcrowephoto

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