DCP 162: Jonah Guelzo - Sound Designer, Mixer, Editor

Jonah Guelzo - Sound Designer, Sound Mixer, Editor
Jonah Guelzo - Sound Designer, Sound Mixer, Editor

Several months ago I watched Sound IS SPEED - Location Sound on the Set of "Where are you Bobby Browning?" - an excellent two-part behind-the-scene video about the audio and sound design work and philosophy of sound designer, sound mixer, and sound editor Jonah Guelzo. I reached out to Jonah to see if he would like to talk about audio for video. He graciously agreed and we ended recording over two hours of material - all about audio - from recording sound in the field to post processing and sound design in the studio.

In this episode, Jonah talks about audio acquisition in the field and practical tips on getting the best results using lavaliere and boom microphones, field recorders, working with talent and collaborating with the director and director of photography. He talks about recording audio for feature film, wedding video, and commercial video. Our conversation concludes with his thoughts on sound design and editing. We manage to squeeze in a few rants and pet peeves, too.

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